isocket’s John Ramey: 2013 will be for Premium what 2009 was for RTB

January 25, 2013

The Makegood recently spoke with John about advertising technology and isocket’s success.

John is Founder and CEO of isocket, a Venture Capital backed startup in Silicon Valley and NYC that builds tech for direct ad sales. isocket is the leading platform for powering programmatic direct and self-service buying at the web’s top publishers. The Makegood recently spoke with John about advertising technology and isocket’s success.

The Makegood: isocket has won numerous innovation awards. Can you give an example of a project that you’re especially proud of?

If I had to pick it would probably be our work around bringing programmatic buying to the premium/reserve space and our direct sales integration with DFP, both of which were first-in-the-world innovations and very ahead of the curve. From a higher level I’m also proud of how we approach product development and design, which hasn’t been ad techs strongest quality in the past ; )

The Makegood: isocket is considered one of the rising stars and thought leaders in a rapidly growing industry. What can we expect to see coming from you in 2013?

We’re honored by that reputation and hope we continue earning it. It’s honestly been slightly odd for me to see all the momentum in the direct sales tech space over the last 6 months, since we spent years on a soapbox claiming this is where the world would go. I think 2013 will be for premium what 2009 was for RTB / remnant, in the sense it’s a meaningful foundational year for the growth of a new segment. We’re growing our business very aggressively, and 2013 for us is about turning this momentum into unquestionable category leadership.

The Makegood: John, you are a disruptor entrepreneur at heart working on your third business. What inspired you to found and isocket?

I’ve been a product/designer/engineer and entrepreneur for a while, and in my past businesses I kept running into situations where I wanted to buy ads directly from a publisher and that process was just way too hard. Over time I developed a vision for how to solve those problems, and I believed in it enough to go do it. I’m driven by seeing this change effected in the world, and as a stubborn entrepreneur I get itchy when no one else is doing it right. So I set off to do it.

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Katharina Volkmer , The MakeGood, January 25th, 2013

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