Parking Payment Startup QuickPay Raises $3.5M, Powerset Founder Barney Pell Becomes CEO

August 2, 2012

QuickPay, a startup that helps drivers find and pay for parking, has brought on a new CEO — Barney Pell, the founder of semantic search company Powerset (which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 for a reported $100 million).

It’s also announcing $3.5 million in seed funding.

Pell isn’t exactly new to the company. He tells me he first met founder Carl Muirbook about a year ago in, yes, a parking lot in San Francisco’s Mission District, where Muirbook was showing off his payment technology. Pell joined the company as a co-founder and executive chairman shortly after, and now he’s stepping up his involvement even further. Meanwhile Muirbook, who was CEO until now, will continue to serve as QuickPay’s president.

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Anthony Ha, TechCrunch, August 2, 2012

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